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Sabine Kurz

Digital storyteller and writer

Sabine Kurz is a digital media professional, freelance science writer and journalism graduate.

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A liver the size of a £1 coin

In the past few years, researchers have been working towards the goal of developing models of human organs that realistically match the original in order for drugs to be approved faster, cheaper and with less animal experimentation. Their solution: so-called “organs-on-chips”.

Copd lungs article

Farr Institute | One Step Closer to Predicting Chronic Lung Disease

A group of researchers from the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics at The University of Edinburgh have validated a model that helps predict the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Toad on hand 1024x768 article

Saving toads with our Holyrood rangers

In the last few weeks, hundreds of toads have travelled through Holyrood Park. We accompany our rangers as they help the migrating toads get to safety.

Scotland feature 1024x671 article

Mary, Andy Murray and the Olympics

Ten facts you need to know about the history of sports in Scotland

Kisses from ae article

How kissing can kill

Did you know that a French kiss can transmit 80 million bacteria within only ten seconds? This is what a new study in the journal Microbiome has found.

Imag0074 article

City film-maker's Kelpies video wows New York - Edinburgh Evening ...

A STUNNING film by a Capital cameraman which shows the creation of the two Kelpie ­statues in Falkirk has wowed audiences in New York.

Lab animal care 300x199 article

How animal testing can be reduced by investing into organ-on-chips research

Many people agree that testing cosmetics on animals is wrong. In 2009, it was banned in Europe, and since March 2013, cosmetics tested on animals can no longer be sold here, even if the testing was done outside the EU.

Cameron 2bmerkel article
Don't mention the rain

Why Germany won’t support Cameron’s election wish

Freedom of movement has been a basic principle of European co-operation since the Treaty of Rome in 1957, which founded the European Economic Community - the forerunner of the European Union. But now this principle is under threat as Britain calls for restrictions on freedom of movement inside the EU. .

Glendee345 article

Berry promising future for new raspberry variety

A new raspberry variety, with exceptional fruit quality and high productivity, was introduced yesterday in Dundee ahead of its official unveiling later in the year. The new rasp, named Glen Dee, was bred by Mylnefield Research Services at the James Hutton Institute, with support from the UK Raspberry Breeding Consortium and the Scottish Government.

Iona article

4 island sites to visit for free this month - Historic Environment ...

Get your golden tickets for historic adventures this St Andrew’s Weekend

Seekingarrangement sugarbaby 2jpg 200x300 article

Confessions of a sugar baby

At first glance, she’s a typical student. Slightly stressed out, slightly bored at times, looking to have a good time, trying to combine her studies with her social life. The one thing that she isn’t is broke. Lucy (not her real name) is a sugar baby, one of 160,000 in the UK.

2012 10 stagecoach bus smabs sputzer article

Villagers face missing the bus in council funding cut

Hundreds of people are in danger of being cut off from public transport to schools, hospitals and shops after it emerged a bus route serving local villages is facing being scrapped.

Jock scott article

Entrepreneurial Focus: Jock Scott

Stirling Minds Alumni Magazine:
After 25 years in human resources, I wanted to use this experience to do something different.

I’m a bit of a change junkie and like the challenge of developing and maintaining relationships in the most difficult of circumstances.

Andrew1 article

Research with Impact

The prestigious Impact Fellowship Programme provides positions for outstanding early career researchers.
The fellowships help participants embark on an independent research career, with a view to progressing to lecturer upon completion.
Here, four of the Impact Fellows highlight their topic of research

Beetle by houle article
Bild der Wissenschaft

Darwins schillernde Käfer